Yooo, name is Branden. Born and raised in Miami. 20. I'm an only child, how sad =/. Hit that follow button and we just became friends, just like that plain and simple.
Melanin on Melanin. I wanna dive deep, inside your velvet skin.13th Alamo (via ihavenocerebrum)


Touch the booty. Slap the booty. Let the booty know it’s special

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pussy ass promos u got, fuck boy promos






I know

you not talking to mewhile looking 



Nigga where the rest of your furniture, house looking like cockroaches pay rent in that shit. Go inside fuck around and start suffocating

You message me almost every month to send me some kind of hate when you should be worrying about getting your shit together. Ya blog weak, your house NEED some work and ya eyebrows look like they dancing… Wait hold up

And you don’t even got a door

Now I’m really about to cut your ass you probably sold it to buy ya ps3 controller. Ya bed gonna be on the news in a few years talking about “All my life I had to fight!” With them dirty ass cloths you wear 7 times a week.


🐸☕️… just flamed that man

nigga always messaging me thats why lmao

Lmfaooo bruh did you have to do dirty like that? 😭😭😭

He annoying 😫😂😂


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